superBunnies.comunny pictures - "the kids"

Here are some pictures of the newest addition, "Monet", and her sister Rascal. They absolutely adore each other, and are such happy little sisters!

Rascal and Monet on the 'bunny bed'
The sisters cuddling
Monet in the 'bunny box' Monet looking very comfy
Monet Monet

Bryna and Rascal as babies. Rascal is now approximately 4 years old (as is her sister Monet), and doing great.. Just as Rascally as ever!
Bryna passed away in January 2001. Rascal misses her and so do we. :-(
We are so happy to have gotten these great pictures of the 2 sisters together!

Rascal and Bryna Sleepy Rascal
Bryna eating Bryna
Bryna and Rascal sleeping Food!
Bryna eating some parsley Rascal Relaxing
Rascal taking over the 'people bed' Rascal relaxing again
Time for a bath! There goes my shoelace...

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