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Chowee, Rascal & Monet
These wiley three are happily bonded and loving life! See them in their natural rabitat!
      Rascal, Bryna and Monet
Note: Bryna, sister to Rascal and Monet, passed away in January of 2002. We are so happy to have had the time with her that we did!


Chowee and PuppyHead
Note: PuppyHead passed away on November 28th, 2001 and we miss her dearly. Chowee has since bonded with the sisters Rascal and Monet.
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      SuperBunnies Movies
Chowee grooming Monet, Rascal flashing by (QuickTime)
Per the norm, Monet wants attention, and Rascal just wants to run. Chowee grants Monet her wish and looks handsome for the camera.

Classic Shots
Pictures that are so great they deserve their own page!
Here you will find funny pictures of the SuperBunnies, alongside visitor-submitted pictures of their own beautiful house bunnies!

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