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A page for those Loved Bunnies that have passed on...
A Memorial page for all those bunnies that have passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. We thank you all, little fuzzed ones, for the endless hours of love, entertainment, and joy you provided us!

This page is open for all bunnies' humans that would like to memorialize their lost friends. Please email us your story and/or pictures.


Remington is a Netherland Dwarf. I drove two hours one way to get him and his brother Colt. Remington was a blue otter, Colt is an Opal.

Remington was a very special bun, he had his problems and never really liked to be held-as I have many shirts he chewed up on the collar.

He loved to sit on back of the couch and look through window and in the summer he enjoyed the fresh breezes. He had a bad left eye-we would have to roll back the lower lid, his lashes would irritate his eye as they rolled under-he knew what we were doing for him and always sat still.

He was perfect to us even though he had white toe nails he was our Show Bunny-but after catching many colds-his little system just could not get over the last one. 5 3/4 years he was with us--seems like yesterday-we still miss him dearly. He was such a good boy-his blue/grey coat of fur thick and soft. He and his brother Colt helped change the mind of my hubby--who now will only allow bunnies in the house. When Remmy passed it was a very sad day--hubby insisted on helping pick out another one. Hubby was the first to hold you and mummy held your little body as your soul had left it. Your time with us did not seem long enough-but you taught us soo much. Thank you Remington, thank you so much for coming into our lives - showing and teaching us so much. We miss you.

- Michelle
Chowee the SuperBunny
Chowee was the goofiest bunny ever, and he ruled the roost for 10 long years. He always had his girls by his side, and they loved him dearly. He was my little man, and I will miss him horribly. He is, finally, at the rainbow bridge, reunited with his beloved puppyhead.

- jodi
Lauren's Three Bridge Bunnies: Tux, Echo and Sneaker



Echo and Sneaker, pictured here with their good friend Dudley


Dudley again, with bridge bunnies and friends, Echo and Tux
I had worked my way up to 4 rabbits in 8yrs. Sneaker was my 3rd. He suddenly died while I was on the road moving from CT-FL. He got real listless around D.C. I took him to a vet who did what he could for him. He was dead by the time I stopped for the night, 4/19/05. He was only 3 and appeared to be in perfect health.

Echo was my 2nd rabbit and 2nd to go. She suddenly stopped eating and was urinating a lot. Gave her Oxbow Critical Care and was better for about a week, then suddenly died on 2/12/06. She had issues, I think she was deaf and had a bad eye. She was over 8yrs. I was shocked to see her go.

Tuxedo was my 4th rabbit and the 3rd to go. This was an unecessary death! She was only 3 and very healthy. One day I noticed an abscess under her chin. The vet said he was rabbit savvy. The surgery went well and was healing fine, the recovery failed disastrously! He administered AMOXICILLIN not 1ce, but 2ce after I told him my concerns of this antibiotic and would prefer BAYTRIL. She was good/bad for 2 wks. I couldn't get the good flora back. She screamed and died in my arms on the way to an ER. She died the same night Sneaker died, 1 yr later. 4/19/06.

I know this is a memorial, but is for Dudley. Dudley, he is my first, favorite and the eldest of all my rabbits. He is the one who got me addicted. I adopted him as an adult from a feed store, don't know anything about his background, had him for almost 10 yrs and made 2 cross-country moves with him. He is my best friend, never thought he would outlive the others. I worry our time together is short. I feel so sorry for him, he has changed considerably and appears so lonely. Sorry, but I felt he needed to tribute his own little family! We both have had a very sad year. We miss our 3 little buddies!

- Lauren
My sweet lil Bugsy, you left me so suddenly on Monday the 13th off March. It was as if you were kissing me good-bye for the final time I stopped off to play with you and love on you before running out to take kids to school and the gym. When only 2 hrs had passed and when I returned home you were gone from my life. I am still unsure of what happened and why you left so very suddenly, but just know how much you were loved and how much you will be missed. You are my sweey boy and you will always be my sweet boy. The 3 short years that you loved me and I loved you was not long enough. I hope that you are at peace and you are happy, thank you dear friend for showing me that love does come in small packages.

- Marj

Kya was my first bunny. She traveled cross country with me from Maryland to North Dakota when I got engaged. My new roommate was allergic to her, so Kya had to live with my fiancee, who had no idea what to do with her. He wasn't very fond of having to take care of her, but very quickly he fell in love with her and spoiled her as much as I did. She actually listened to him more than she listened to me. When playtime was over, all Jeremy had to say was, "Kya, back in your cage!" and she'd jump right in. The engagement broke off a short while ago, and Kya helped me through some very tough times. She was great at licking away my tears and letting me hug her whenever I wanted. I could never have gotten through such difficulty without her. She drove all the way back to Maryland with me this summer and wouldn't eat during the long car ride. Once we got home, she still wasn't eating. The vet said she needed her molars filed down - that they were pointy and causing her to not want to eat. So we had the surgery. But she didn't make it. When the vet called and told me she had passed, I felt like I had lost my best friend. And I did. My family helped me bury Kya and we had a little ceremony for her in the backyard. I felt so silly taking her death so seriously (I'm 26 years old), but Kya really did make a huge impact on my life. And I felt very alone once she was gone. It's been three months now and since then I've adoped a new bunny from the local animal shelter. He of course can't replace Kya, but he's got his own unique traits that make me love him. Even my mother, who thought I shouldn't get another rabbit, absolutely adores him. Every time she sees him she gives him a treat or a massage. Bunnies are amazing animals with unbelievable personalities and it's unfortunate that not a lot of people know that. Even though Kya chewed through my phone cords, and ate through the bottoms of my dressers and the baseboards in my home, it was all worth it. She was a huge part of my life and always will be. I will always miss her.
- Lauren
We had received Chloe from a friend who had found him running around her apartment complex one day. She had sent out flyers looking for an owner but no one showed up. We were asked to care for Chloe as she had dogs and they were way too curious about a rabbit in the house. Well we took on the challenge as Chloe came already house broken at least in the potty department. I do believe every possible chew item in the house had been tested. We still loved him tons and actually traveled a few times. After about three years the stress on our house and a sudden job change was alot to bear, but at the same time a friend said that his wife really wanted a white rabbit for Christmas, so after seeing a picture of Chloe the exchange was made and Chloe was pretty happy for almost two years as well as undergoing a neutering which is when Chloe became Chloe-Joe then Jenna's career took a turn as well so Chloe-Joe came back to us after a short time with my sister and her farm of chickens, peacocks, guinea pigs and pot belly pigs. We didn't realize how much fun he was to have around and with our move to a new house and the run of the yard as well as the whole downstairs we know that his last years were very nice. He would just hang around and chill on the cool tile by the fireplace with us or do the "happy bunny" dance around the yard. He was such a great guy we're having a hard time deciding on a new bunny.

Patty & Rene Caro

My baby girl Miracal is now gone to rainbow bridge and I am missing her somthin' awful we saved her life once but the second time she could not be helped.

P.S. her brothers and sisters miss her more then all of my bunnies.


Starlight was my most loved bunny, and I do not know what I would do without her, but sadly, Jan/10/04 she passed on but she is hopping in the great wheat field at last happy and with her family.

- Elizabeth
Mo's Story
I am writing in memory of my Mo who was a wild snowshoe hare that we found abandoned in a field weighing less than 2 ounces and probably only a day or so old. We knew he had no chance in the field and only a slim one at best with us but we bundled him up and brought him home. I was fortunate enough to have a friend who had kittens whose mom had abandoned them so I brought home some of the kitten formula(later renamed as bunny juice)and got an eye dropper. I convinced my boss that I absolutely had to bring Mo to work with me as he needed to be fed so frequently and so off to work we went(every morning until a month before I lost him!). He thrived and became quite a spoiled little bunny. He had a wonderful personality and was so much company. At home he would run all over the house and at night knew he had to go to his room which was in our laundry room/bathroom. He was usually ready as he loved yogurt and he knew that every night at bed time he would have his "yogey", Craisins and Life cereal along with his regular bunny food. I can't tell you how much fun my husband and I had with him!!! Mo actually has quite a following from being at work with me also. Not only my co-workers but all of our customers also...he is quite well known. Unfortunately on August 20 of this year, 2 years and 9 days after we discovered our precious little boy, I came fromwork and he was not feeling well and by the time we made it to the vets he was very sick. The vet though maybe a twisted stomach or a bowel obstruction so we left him in her care and planned to go back in the morning for his usual morning routine of bunny kisses and our game of chase but later that evening we got a call from the vet saying that our boy Mo had not made it and as you can imagine we were devastated! I have pictures of my crazy little bunny all over the house and so many funny stories of his antics but would much rather hear his little feet running on the stairs and see his little face peeking around the corner in a mischievous way. He certainly was a one in a million bunny as I have never heard of a wild rabbit making it in captivity for so long. I cherish the memories of him and love to share his stories whenever I can!!! He will always have a special spot in our hearts.

Jan Leach, Brooksville, Maine

He was a very sweet bunny, I called him bun-bun for short and he was my baby... I had him for 4 years and he was always with me. He got sick last summer and I nursed him through it, but unfortunately this time I could not save him no matter how much vet care and love I gave him. He is sadly missed!! Jackson my 1 year old Rex misses her best friend very much too! Here is a pic of Jameson! I hope wherever he is, his pain is gone and he's happy and with his family and friends!! I love ya buddy bunches & bunches!

- Christina
Melissa's Five Bridge Bunnies
Here are five beloved bunnies that are now in heaven (all playing together of course):





Mr. Bunns
Bunns was the most loving and gentle of our bunny band - which includes Bunny Nee, his girlfriend; Bijou and BunNoir, his male buddies; and Jasmine, last year's rescue who Bunns immediately befriended and welcomed into the group (although it took the others almost 6 months to do the same...) Bunns would always run up to greet visitors - even complete strangers - he had no fear or worry. Just one big love who assumed that everyone else would be as loving to him. He was only 4.5 - 5.5 years old (we adopted him after he had been abandoned at the store where we buy pellets - there was no info about his age or background) and he left us much too soon.
- Deborah
Dad purchased little Hannah (a dwarf) for us at a flea market when I was in eighth grade (Now am 23). She was a loving, affectionate little thing, as she would climb up your chest and stomach and plaster your face with tiny bunny kisses. In fact, she'd completely plaster you with bunny kisses.

My freshman year of high school, disaster struck, Mom had gone to pick me up from a band fundraiser and we came back to firetrucks in the front yard. The house was ok, except for the living room and kitchen and once we were found to be out of the house, the friend of my brother's that had called the fire department told the firemen (friends of my father's) "There is a rabbit and birds in there!" The birds (Two goldfinches and three parakeets) were dead, but Rick Hall pulled out a gasping Hannah, whom I promptly wrapped in a blanket and cuddled. We couldn't get her to the vet with all the commotion and he told me what to do. When we got to my grandmother's, I rubbed her nose with Vick's and even gave her some mouth to mouth to ease her breathing. (I had been in vet science 4-H)

Mom said she prayed so hard for that little bunny to survive the night because we had been taking the fire so well because she was still alive. And the next morning, there she was, alive, breathing well and all the more precious. She got absolutely fat staying for those two weeks with my grandma and got her name added on to so that she was now Hannah Louise. (My grandma can't stand ANYTHING without a middle name)

Hannah was going out every summer in a secure (what we thought at the time) cage because she didn't do well with air conditioning. She'd done this for two years but one night when Mom came home, the cage was flung open and we never saw our precious Hannah again. But here is a memorial to her and for the fact that we have another now, not as affectionate, but as well loved.

- Naomi Banta and Chubby Checkers
Puppy was the love of Chowee's life. Chowee, the ever-affectionate and lovable little goofball, met his match with the guarded and careful Puppy. They fell completely in love and were inseparable until she passed away at the age of 5. I don't think Chowee has ever recovered, as he refuses to bond with any other female, even though they all adore him.

Puppy was quite simply the cutest bunny that ever lived. She had a smooshy face that just looked adorable when she looked up at you with that "so what are YOU lookin at" face. She definitely had her own personality, and didn't really like all that much human attention. But she provided more than her share of "classic moments" that sent her human watchers into fits of laughter. And she was trying to be SERIOUS!

Ever the independent, sassy female, it was a shocking blow when her health degraded. Losing her eyesight to cataracts and even having one removed due to a ripped cornea, she hung on like the incredibly strong trooper that she was. She was still beautiful, even with her little pirate eye. But we could tell that she wasn't as confident. After her surgery, she had to be kept separate from her beloved boy Chowee, to protect the wound. She never got to snuggle with her Chowee again, as she passed away 2 weeks later. It was completely devastating, especially considering how she had been improving. It is still very difficult to think about even now. Being with her when she passed, I will never forget that moment, and still cannot recall it without tears.

We love you little Puppy. Rest in peace... we know you'll keep all those other Bridge Bunnies in line til your Chowee comes to meet you.

Scarleto Bunn Bunn
My bunny isn't dead but she is no longer with me. I got her almost a year ago from my sister. My sister got her because she was in the pet store and saw the bunny. Going on an urge, she bought the bunny and took it home with her. Turns out that her cat/ my cat that she took when she moved out, wanted to eat the bunny and the bunny did not like that. So I took her in. From the moment I saw her, I was in love. I named her Scarleto Bunn Bunn

The first month she was with me was chaos. She did $800 damage to my carpet by peeing and eating it and numerous scars on my hands and arms. She refused to get out of her cage and constantly tipped over her food dish. My father told me to get rid of her but I put up a fight to have her and I wasn't going to give her up so easy. She stayed even though my mom didn't like the sight of my scars.

The second month I had her, she was more pleasant. She began to stop peeing out side her cage and she stopped eating the corners of the carpet when I covered them up. I began to call her just Bunny after that because Scarleto Bunn Bunn really doesn't roll off the tongue. I played music for her and we had lots of fun dancing (she danced in her own bunny way.) I got to practice speaking Spanish with her so I didn't fail my Spanish class (Te amo, mi conejo). She listened when I spoke to her and licked the tears off my face when I cried. She was a perfect model when I got bored and decided to draw random things.

Anyway, I'm in boarding school this year and my Baby Bo couldn't come with me. I called everyone I knew and nobody would take her for the school year. I thought she would have to be euthanasia or worse, put in a shelter. At the last minute though, my mother's college said she would take her because her father breeds rabbits. I was relieved in every way.

I'm happy. Bunny has many males to hump and the people are really nice. I wish she was here and I miss her bunches. I'll miss her licking me and dancing with me and eating my pen and paper as I wrote. I miss watching her tip over her food bowl and hopping around on my back when I was laying down. Au revoir Baby Bo! May life prove its' worth.

Please email us your photos and stories of bunnies that have touched your life, and passed on. We'll never forget them!