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Past "Classic Shots" - our archive of great pictures that deserve their own page!

"Bunny" and "Daisy"
"These are photos of 'the bunnies'! The first one is "Bunny", very photogenic and loves to pose for the camera! Spoiled rotten and understands every word you say. The second is my little hairball "Daisy"! He's a handful -- like trying to hold on to a squirrel! I made an Easter photo of them this year, even though Bunny tried to sleep through the photo taking!"
Thank you Rhonda B. for sharing!

Bunny & Daisy Bunny & Daisy Bunny & Daisy

"I thought I'd submit this photo of Buster. He was running around my guest bedroom exploring and stopped on the corner of the bedspread so I had to get the shot. I love how the lavender is reflecting in his eye."
Thanks Donna for sharing!


"Humbug is a very sweet and affectionate bunny. His favorite things to nibble on are carrots, apples, and parsley... but he doesn't like tomatoes. He is very mischievous and sneaky, and always has a kiss for you. If you are sad he'll lick the tears off your face until the crying has turned to playful giggles!"
Millie was kind enough to share these cute pics of her Humbug!




"James, Jim-Bob for short, is a cheeky nibbly, sweet, always ready for food, cute and a big bundle of joy!! He is an 1 year old english breed."
Thanks again to Shaughna for sharing these adorable photos of James!


"Cody" and "Chloe"
"Cody and Chloe are a match made in heaven! They met only a month ago, but it was love at first sight. He has been very pleased to have her around, and they follow one another EVERYWHERE! It makes me smile everytime I see them cuddle or groom one another."
Thanks again Lauren for sharing the ever classic Cody and his new friend Chloe!

Cody and Chloe Cody and Chloe

"This is Oreo. We got him about 2 months ago and has been just the perfect pet. All my time and effort is worth it. I just love his little tongue!"

Oreo Oreo Oreo

"This is my bunbun Cadbury. My little character. He likes sitting on my chest. He is the only bunny I have and he is well worth my time and effort. He also like the camera that is why he is so close to it. This was taken by my cell phone."

"Asia" (aka "Sha Sha") and "Scoota"
Thanks to Nicole Couturier for sharing!

Here is a picture of Lauren's new adopted bunny Cody, catching up on the newest issue of Glamour.

Here is Kya, in her typical "chilling out" pose. Thank you to Lauren for sharing!

"Lucy" and "Chockie"
Thank you to Meags for sharing!

Chockie points out the exit and puts on his "take me seriously I'm a tiny widdo scaaawy bunny wabbit" face

Lucy and the dog Jemma relax in front of the TV

The expression on Lucy's face just about says it all.... BUSTED! (Just tipped out the litter tray!)

"Chloe", the Classic Bunny


The truth comes out... THIS is why we can never fit a workout into our schedules. The "Bowflex Bunnies" are always hanging out on it!

Rascal even becomes a floppy eared bunny when hanging out by the Bowflex...

"You didn't wanna use this, did you?"

No chance for a workout... these bunnies are pooped!

Prime real estate around the machine... the bunnies are trying to tell us that there's just no *need* for a yucky workout!!

This is "Sugar", and she was recently adopted by Gabriela through W.E.S.C.R. They are getting to know each other now. Check out these ADORABLE pics of Sugar getting used to her new home!! She looks like she's getting very comfy, wouldn't you say?

"Hey, these aren't bunnies!"

Mmmmmm. Nothing like carrot bribery to make a bun warm up!!! :-)

Parting Shot!!!

Yet another yummy treat -- RAISINS!!!

Rainbow Bridge Cadbury Bunny (May 2001 - April 2002) in her "sleepy bunny" position.

Chowee and his soccer ball
"What's that thing? Where's my bell toy??"

Chelsea and her bunnies, Charbunny and Mimo!
Charbunny and Mimo are both Netherland Dwarfs. They look the best of friends!

Chelsea and her bunnies, Charbunny and Mimo

Actually a sequence of shots, we couldn't resist putting up this little "storyboard" of Bryna and Rascal at play.

1. Rascal prepares to flip bowl over onto unsuspecting Bryna

2. Rascal succeeds, little devil. Bryna resists.

3. Bryna overtaken by food dish. Rascal watches for witnesses.

4. Rascal looks on, impressed with her own handiwork.

Sleepy bunny Rascal after a hard day of rascaliness...

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