superBunnies.comunny care - what *not* to do!

These are some "bunny dont's", things that you should watch out for...

  1. Never feed your bunny PopTarts.
    She will become addicted, and never eat her hay. Inadvertently tested theory, I'm embarrassed to say.
  2. Never keep your bunny in a small cage for most of the day.
    She will not be happy with you and will thump unbelievably loudly at 3am. Repeatedly. And again, in case you didn't get it the first 12 times... and if you didn't hear that, crunching on the cage bars... then "digging" at the floor...
  3. Never leave your bunny unattended outside her cage.
    At least until you have come to a point of mutual trust and respect for the carpet and home furnishings. Yum!
  4. Never leave your bunny alone for more than a day.
    If on vacation, either board her or leave her with a trusted and responsible individual, or she'll never talk to you again.
  5. Never overwhelm and spoil your bunny with store-bought "bunny treats."
    Not only will she not eat her hay, she'll get chubby and lazy too.
  6. Never leave your phone cord or electrical cords within reach.
    If you do, your dead phone line (or worse!) will teach you!
  7. Never ignore signs that your Bunn may be uncomfortable or sick.
    Don't rely on the "hairball" theory but don't discount it either. See a bunny vet immediately.
  8. Never try to introduce a "bunny friend" to your Bunn...
    without knowing what you're doing -- some 'bun could get hurt. Some places, like the BunnyLuv Rabbit Resource Center, specialize in bunny matchmaking.
  9. Never keep anything valuable or potentially edible under your bed!
    (Leather shoes, in particular, unless you like "suddenly open-toed" boots.)
  10. Never chase bunny when you're frustrated.
    Because you will just get really really mad, and she will run faster. It's a vicious cycle!

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