superBunnies.comunny care - what to do

These are some "bunny do's", things that you should do for your pet house rabbit...

  1. Always make sure your bunny gets enough exercise.
    She will be happier and much healthier, and you will get more exercise chasing her to get her into her cage.
  2. Always give your bunny plenty of good, fresh quality hay.
    Don't be taken by the "I'll be INCREDIBLY cute if you give me a piece of your Oreo" stare!!
  3. Always pay attention to your bunny for a good amount of time each day.
    You want her to be able to recognize you, don't you?
  4. Always provide plenty of "diversions" to ward off "bad behavior."
    Bunny would rather chew on apple wood sticks than your yucky painted baseboards. No, really!
  5. Always give good, fresh dark leafy greens.
    Even if we don't eat our veggies, we can live vicariously.
  6. Always make sure Bunny has a clean litterbox.
    'Nuff said there.
  7. Always have AT LEAST two bunnies.
    Time, space and resources permitting, of course. Not permitting, get a hamster.
  8. Always have the number of a 24-hour emergency vet center handy.
    This is a little peace of mind in a hectic bunny's world.
  9. Always take Bun in for regular checkups, to a good rabbit-knowledgeable vet.
    Many are listed on the House Rabbit Society website. BEWARE THE NONRABBIT VET!
  10. Always respect Bunny's personal boundaries.
    Yes, she has "personal space" issues, too -- let her go if she is having "bunny PMS."

What type of litter should I buy my bunny? Bunny-Safe Litters

There has been much discussion in house bunny circles about which types of litter are best to use. Well, there are types that can actually be harmful to bunnies, and you should definitely avoid:

  • Cedar/Pine - the oils can be harmful to bunny's liver.
  • Clay litters - the dust can cause pneumonia.
  • Scoopable litters - if ingested, can cause a severe digestive blockage.
  • For further info, please click here.

I personally use a recycled paper product called CareFresh. It's very soft, absorbent, controls odor reasonably well, and the bunns like it. Any recycled paper products are not harmful if ingested by bunny. There are others that are suitable listed here.